Brisbane Landscaping Testimonial

Nick – visualisation works a treat

Nick Young, owner of Brisbane Structural Landscaping, wanted a website that could showcase his work. Knowing that he needed a professional designer, just like himself but in the online world, he contacted Turnbull Design.

“My company does landscape design and construction and I decided that I needed a website to get the initial point of contact over to the client as quickly and cleanly as possible. The landscape industry is very visual so it was important to showcase my previous work so that clients could pick the work they like straightaway. And it was really important to me that this was done well.

“I contacted Aaron at Turnbull Design and he offered a package with basically as many photos as I could fit on the site, which is still expanding! It was one upfront fee, so I’m pretty much set-up for as long as it goes.”

Nick has found that having his website has made it easier to deal with clients. Most find him after already looking at the site, so they know what they want and like. Any that have found him through referrals or other means are quickly directed to the site to view his many outstanding landscape designs.

“Most of my leads are coming through the website now, so they’ve already looked at it and have told me that they’ve liked what I’ve done here or there. If there are any other phone calls then I redirect them to the site but most people say that they have been there and that they’ve seen everything and that’s why they’re calling me. It’s great!”
For Nick, it hasn’t been the increase in client enquiries that has him smiling, but rather the type of client his website has captured.

“Previously I was relying a lot on supplier contacts. What I have found is that I’m now getting a broader range of clients. My suppliers all wanted the same thing, that particular natural stone lay, this amount of money, and then I built on this and got the rest of the work. The leads that are coming from the website are design jobs and are nice, larger portioned jobs. It’s a different type of client!”

Nick values the different client that Turnbull Design has brought to his business and the professional manner in which Aaron created his site.

“Aaron was very upfront and professional, I have recommended Turnbull Designs several times already. I really think the site he built was a lot more than I expected and the clients we are now getting proves it.”

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