Why a Professionally Designed Logo Should Be Your Top Priority

June 4th, 2012No Comments »

There”s a lot that goes into starting a new business: Writing up a business plan, finding investors, working out your location (or building a website), creating a marketing plan. With all of these steps to keep up with, logo design tends to fall through the cracks more often than not. It becomes an afterthought. When they finally realize they need a logo, most business owners will quickly whip something up and work with it until they have time to get something better.

If you”re following that plan, you”re hurting your business more than you know. Your logo is more than just a pretty image to place beside your name – for all intents and purposes; it IS the public face of your business. Because of the way our minds work, images are much easier to remember than words, so as catchy as your company name is; your logo is what people will remember about you. It needs to be memorable to the point that at a single glance any viewer can see it and instantly associate it with your company. Now, you can take that concept and use it to design your own logo, but there are several strong reasons why hiring a professional logo designer is more feasible, and ultimately much more effective.

A Strong Logo Offers Distinction

There are probably hundreds of companies out there offering the same type of product or service as your company. Possibly thousands! A professionally designed logo with strong aesthetic points instantly grabs the eye and pulls potential customers towards your brand. It doesn”t necessarily offer any vital information about the company, but like a handsome face it leaves a striking impression that you remember the next time you see it. It offers distinction from the rest of the masses, and that makes it memorable.

Professionals Know Their Craft

It”s hard to make a blanket statement concerning every pro logo designer, but the ones with reputations got to that position because they know, truly and completely, how to make a design shine. Logo design always goes back to the same thing – how memorable is it? What most people don”t know though is that there can be any number of elements that go into a design to make it memorable: Font, colour, shape, angle, scale – each element combines to create the perfect logo. Get one thing wrong and a beautiful, attractive logo either becomes plain and uninteresting or gaudy and annoying.

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